Pull Tab Bracelet Instructions

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Pull Tab Bracelet

By Lisa Miller

What You’ll Need:

40 - 44 pull tabs (more or less, as needed)

Large jump rings – these are 12mm, 12 gauge from the craft store

1 large lobster claw closure


2 pairs of pliers

Flush cut or side cut pliers

Safety goggles, of course!!

Step one:

Cut 2 pull tabs in the location indicated in the picture below:

Next, cut 2 more pull tabs on the opposite side of the same opening. This is the opening you pull on to open the can.  You will not need to cut into the other (thicker) opening.

Make 9 or 10 sets of 4.

Step 2:

Open the cut pull tabs by holding the pull tab with 2 pliers and twisting open. You may do one at a time.

Take 4 pull tabs and face them together (2 and 2, so the tops are showing on the outsides). Slide the cut pull tabs into the uncut side of the 4 pull tabs.

Close the pull tabs by holding them in 2 pliers and twisting them closed, the same way you opened them.

Add the other 2 cut pull tabs, facing their top side out, lining up the cuts to be tidy.

Repeat these steps until the desired length is reached.

Step 3:
Open a jump ring by holding it with 2 pliers and twisting the same way you opened the pull tabs. Attach to a set of 4 pull tabs and close by twisting back together.

Repeat if you wish, to add 2 jumprings.  Or you can add 4, same as the pull tabs. Open another jumpring and run through these jumprings, and a lobster claw.

Step 4:

Attach a jump ring on the other side of the bracelet to use for closure.  If needed, you may link a few together to lengthen the bracelet.

Enjoy your bracelet!